1.    Khajjar  – ‘Mini Switzerland of India’

Popularly known as ‘Mini Switzerland of India’ Khajjar is famous for its adventure activities, Lake and the famous Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary, Khajjar is a great place to trek among pine trees and rich greens. Being an off-beat destination this place is loved for horse rides and Kailash view.

Best Time to visit – Throughout the year

Where – Himachal Pradesh

2.    Hampi – UNESCO world heritage sites

Listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites, Hampi is an ancient village located in the south Indian state of Karnataka. A must-visit place in India, Hampi is loaded with historic monuments and attracts foreign tourists also. Places like Virupaksha Temple, Hemakuta Hill, Lakshmi Narasimha, Vithala Temple, and Elephant Stables are popular among tourists.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Where – Karnataka

3.   Pondicherry – A Peaceful Bliss!

Pondicherry used to be a French Colonial Settlement in India until 1954, is now a Union Territory known famously for its paradise beaches, water sports, and Auroville Ashram. You can also take a cycling tour of the city. Start your day with a monumental walk and end it with a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Where – Pondicherry

So Ladies revive your backpacker soul and explore these safest places in India!