Panth PakarDistrict – SitamarhiRoad- off the highway leading to Nepal border. How to Reach – 8 km northeast from the town of Sitamarhi, About/ Importance – This little-known place has an amazing mythical site evolved around a tree of Pakar. A Pakar tree has spread around a vast area in an astonishing manner. There are several trees of the same breed which are connected and sprouted through the roots as well as the branches which get detached eventually. The myth of this place goes as that after getting married to Ram Sita and Sri Ram rested here as they returned for the fortnightly ritual. View & Feel – This serene and mystical place has temples of Ram- Sita and Lord Hanuman and Shiva. The surrounding with the shades of the mystical trees has an unparalleled impression that should not be missed by any tourist.

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